Leveraging Facebook for Dental Practice

When it is about Digital Marketing for Dentists, social media plays an essential role. When it is about social media marketing undoubtedly Facebook is the prime player. Yes if you are not taking advantage of social media especially Facebook, you will be definitely losing your visibility among a mass community. A successful facebook dental marketing is not just about making regular posts but requires a course of action. Read on for details.

1. Create a powerful Business page!

The cover page should speak about you. A designer cover page with your logo at a prominent place is good. If your company exterior is elegant enough to exhibit, use it as your profile picture or keep your logo instead.

If you have Google reviews, you can share it on the facebook page. Always use high-quality images for sharing in your facebook page. If you know to optimize images it is well and good; or if you can hire a photoshop person to add your logo and some text, that professional touch is to be praised.

2. Do it yourself or hire someone!

If you are good in generating content, do it with care. A crispy actionable content that can communicate easily is advisable. You must do research and statistical analysis prior to generating content. Daily updates of images, texts, and follow up on leads are to be handled regularly. If you can’t do it along with your practice, hire a digital marketer to do the job.

3. Build an email list!

Add all your social media links including website to your facebook profile. This will make people engage with your business at any time. There is a provision to incorporate ‘call to action’ on your Facebook. This motivates visitors to enter at least some of their data for you to contact. If you have a website, it must also have an ’email subscription form’ and a ‘contact form’. Both will help you to collect some email list of your website users.

Now start doing email campaigns. There are many email marketing companies out there to work for you on the internet. Choose the plan that fits for you and begin doing an email campaign. If you want to do it professionally, hire a HTML template designer. Email marketing is a proven technique to get visits to your website and social media pages. Send emails of newsletters, events, offers, greetings, blogs, testimonials and why not, your clinic’s newly added staff member, any facility or any equipment added. Don’t stop after one or two emails. Keep on sending emails with a regular interval.

4. Paid Advertisements.

Facebook advertisements are highly effective in dental marketing. If you are potent enough for a try, try it. You will never go wrong about your ROI if you advertise on Facebook. Please plan about the content to advertise prior to paid advertisements, because, an advertisement is meant to compel the people to get engaged with you.

5. Incorporating SEO

Facebook is the best platform for boosting your website rank. You can optimize your content with specific keywords, Since Facebook has a live statistics provision, your blog views, likes and clicks are seen almost real-time. If you upload images or infographics in Facebook posts, ensure to optimize the file titles and ALT text descriptions with these keywords.

6. Why SmartDoc Dezine?

Smartdoc Dezine is with the dentistry since 2004. Begun with some designer dental posters, it stepped into the industry and now become a part of every dental practice, serving with their designer dental stationery and other patient education and practice motivational print and web media products. We have a digital marketing plan for dentists which will not make a hole in their pocket; a plan that is very reasonably and affordably priced than they think. Please call us for more details.

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