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Launch of Dental poster in India and its role in Dental Marketing

The phrase ‘Dental Marketing’ doesn’t only cover products that are digital. Before the entry of digital platform, word of mouth-referrals, print media products like newspaper ads, mailer cards, handbills, coupon cards etc. were played and still playing a significant role in dental marketing


Dental Posters-Eat Your Way

The role of ‘Dental Posters’ in ‘Dental Marketing’

During 2004, when SmartDoc Dezine’ launched Dental office posters, it was a strange thing for the dentistry, and the dental professional wholeheartedly welcomed it. If we say the era of dental marketing in India started in 2004, with some dental posters, it would not be either an unacceptable or exaggerated one. When the poster sales slowly pitched up, after a year, more competitors started mushrooming with the same product and what is annoying was, they just copied the same content, made slight changing in graphics and started selling it. In the meantime, ‘Smartdoc dezine’ came out with newer products mainly printed products to the practice. Dental brochures, Chair-side patient education booklet, Treatment info sheets, Dental stickers and slowly introduced a pamphlet printing compact disc. While those were the newly entered products in their practice for senior dental professionals, later they were used to it and felt very comfortable with it in organizing the practice. Over time it became a must need products including for the newly passed out dental professionals and start-up dental clinics. Dental clinic posters or Dental office specifically ‘Smartdoc Dezine’ posters are now a part of every dental practice, since it is known for its creativity involved, quality of content and above all, its contemporary design. We could even see many dental practitioners had stocked each copy of all the dental posters with them and used to display it after a regular interval and they have many reasons to do it so.

  1. Dental poster adorns dental office walls
  2. It motivates the visitors to fix their choice of treatments and helps to generate revenue.
  3. It educates the patients and bystanders by letting them read the content
  4. It reduces the unnecessary lengthy talks of treatment by the doctor, while at busy times.
  5. It is a useful and ever remembering gift a dentist can offer to another dentist friend.

So whatever advancements in technology are introduced, still print media has a strong influence among people. As long as print media influence the people, Dental posters will speak for itself in ‘Dental Healthcare Marketing’.  In India, around 40% of the dental offices are displaying ‘Smartdoc Dezine’ dental posters, whereas in Tamilnadu, the No.1 Healthcare development state in India, shares around 60%, which is to be proudly noted.

Article written by admin

A manual lithographic poster designer turned computer-assisted graphic designer presently engaged in the healthcare industry stationery designing specifically dentistry, with inborn passion over 'design'

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