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Dental Marketing in India

Though Dentistry is part of Medical healthcare, Dentistry had grown and further branched out into several specializations and standing tall equal to its ally ‘Medical’.  Dental marketing has evolved ever since dentistry had taken a jump of growth two decades back, and still maintaining its momentum, same or higher than  ‘Medical’. Even before people pronouncing ‘Digital Marketing’, Dental marketing was a familiar name among dentists and marketing agencies. While people say ‘Healthcare marketing’, it carries ‘dental marketing’. But if we say ‘dental marketing’ nothing it means other than ‘Dentistry’. Right! Let’s talk about Dental marketing, different media of marketing involved, methods of boosting the dental practice etc. Here below is one of my answers to a question in ‘Quora’ website “What are the Best way of Dental marketing in India?“. I hope this text briefs ‘dental marketing’ in a nutshell.

Read Ramakrishnan Rajendren‘s answer to What are the Best way of Dental marketing in India? on Quora

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